What Makes Wonder Years Psychiatric Service Different From Others?

Wonder Years Psychiatric Services offers holistic diagnostic assessment for a wide range of psychiatric conditions. We also can help with second opinions as well as follow-up treatment. Here are some reasons why you should consider Wonder Years psychiatric service to help with any psychiatric treatment approaches that you may need.

Qualified Staff

At Wonder Years Psychiatric Services, we have a broad range of expertise that uniquely qualifies us to handle any range of mental health treatment options. We work in a collaborative approach with teachers, family members, patients, and the community around our patients in order to deliver effective mental health treatment solutions.

Broad Range Of Solutions

One of the great things about working with Wonder Years Psychiatric Services is the fact that your child will get a full range of treatment options under a single roof. These treatment options depend on the unique needs of our patients but the fact that they are delivered under one roof means that your child is likely to get effective treatment. This is because of the trust that our specialists build with our patients and the fact that we seek holistic solutions. Some of the mental health conditions that we are able to help our patients with include depression, ADHD, anxiety or panic attacks, and much more.

Different Approaches to Treatment

At Wonder Years Psychiatric Services, we have innovative approaches when it comes to the delivery of mental health treatment solutions. For example, in Brooklyn, we offer telepsychiatry as an option for patients who may not be able to have face-to-face sessions with our specialists. Even though the initial appointment must always be done in person, telepsychiatry is an option for patients in the area. This helps as it is a lot more flexible, especially for parents with time constraints. When you come for your initial appointment, we always perform a comprehensive assessment which helps our specialists to understand what the needs of the patients are. We recommend that parents or the child’s care provider are also present during this initial assessment. 

We always ask the care providers to come with copies of any previous psychiatric assessments of the child which help us to establish a baseline when it comes to the needs of the child. This way, we are able to understand the patient better and work towards effective solutions.

Affordable Healthcare Services

At Wonder Years Psychiatric Services, we believe in the concept of affordable mental healthcare solutions for all our patients. We work with two of the leading healthcare insurance providers namely Aetna and Cigna when it comes to our founder Dr. Malik. However, our other providers are in-network providers with various other health insurance companies. We are always happy to provide information about the different insurance companies that we work for so you can plan better. You will also be glad to know that we provide all the receipts and paperwork that you will need to file your claim with the insurance company. It also helps to talk to your insurance company at the start so you can also understand the level of coverage that you can expect from them when you approach us for mental health treatment.