Sydnee Marcus, LMSW


Sydnee is a Licensed Master Social Worker and the intake coordinator for therapy referrals. Sydnee is certified in treating children and adolescents with anxiety disorders and also
specializes in treating depression, anger, and general life stressors. She realizes that no two people are the same and with this, she utilizes an integrative approach, incorporating cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, mindfulness, and mind-body techniques. No matter what you are struggling with, Sydnee will help you to recognize and build upon your strengths to develop a healthier you. Sessions with Sydnee will focus on creating space to discuss what feels most important to you and learning tools to continue the therapeutic process outside of the therapy room. Sydnee works to ensure a safe and trusting therapist-client relationship and upholds a client-centered approach focusing on the individual needs of each and every client she serves.