Arielle Mach, LCSW

Arielle Mach

Arielle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with children, teens, and young adults using a strength-based and person-centered approach to therapy. This means that she believes in the resilience of all human beings and works collaboratively and creatively to support her clients. Arielle’s areas of expertise include self harming behaviors, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, low self esteem and self worth, LGBTQIA+ identity exploration, and sexual trauma. Arielle believes that the most powerful vehicle for healing is fostering a therapeutic relationship rather than focusing solely on a diagnosis. She tailors her approach to each individual client, utilizing components of Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Attachment and Schema-Focused therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, and Art and Music therapy. Arielle provides weekly 50 minute psychotherapy sessions. She is dedicated to providing a space that is inviting, comfortable, supportive, and built for self exploration and healing.