Anna Ebrani, LCSW

Anna Ebrani

Wonder Years Anna Ebrani

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist with many years of professional experience counseling individuals who have been suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD symptoms.
I have extensive clinical training and I utilize an eclectic and a holistic approach which is a combination of CBT and Psychodynamic modalities and it also focuses on Mindfulness and Relaxation. I offer individualized and tailored care with a strong humanistic and person centered approach to treatment. I focus on resolving childhood conflicts that can contribute to emotional challenges and I also help my clients modify and ultimately change their negative thoughts and behavioral patterns while empowering them to overcome personal obstacles confidently. I also believe in goal-setting and strategy building. I take pride in the belief that my biggest strengths are my compassionate and warm heart and a genuine desire to help my clients. I am aware that reaching out for help can be hard and anxiety-provoking. Therefore I provide my clients with a warm and non-judgmental environment to get them started on an insightful and an introspective journey which will give them an opportunity to self-reflect and would allow us to explore the issues that may be preventing them from living more fulfilling and meaningful lives.